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How Customers Buy

There is a big disconnect between how companies want to sell customers and how customers actually want to buy.

No customer wakes up thinking they want to go through your perfectly crafted, straight line buyer journey.

Meanwhile, companies are trying to push you through so many hoops, gates and forms just to get the right lead scoring triggered.

They also avoid talking about competitors because they think you won't find them anyways.

Here's the thing: your customers don't care about what journey you've planned for them. They'll:

-Find pricing on Google

-Look up competitors on Capterra

-Watch your pre-recorded demo on YouTube

-Read a bunch of reviews on TrustPilot

-Ask people they already know

All of this is happening without your lead scoring getting triggered.

Change the internal company dynamic and focus on helping the customer at every step with as much content as possible.

B2B marketing would be a heck of a lot better if marketers approached it the same way as they themselves do when they buy a pair of headphones from Amazon.

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