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Lead Scoring vs Journey Mapping

Lead scoring is the opposite of how customers want to be treated.

Under a lead scoring model, you try to equate a series of actions into the same level of intent as someone who announces that intent overtly. 

But a blog post + webinar + email open does not equal a demo request.

Lead scoring is unnecessarily interruptive. Often, it means introducing a sales rep when the buyer is not ready to talk to have a sales conversation.

Instead, companies would be far better served to add content and educational assets to nurture prospects to help them self-announce their intent for a sales conversation.

This means:

  1. Having great top of funnel content to educate the prospect, even if it has nothing to do with your product
  2. Having great resources for them to interact with so you stay top of mind with them 
  3. Having problem-aware content that helps them understand their options to solving their problems
  4. Having solution-aware content that helps them become develop a clear understanding of the pros and cons of using your solution versus another
  5. Having conversion content that helps them understand why they should choose you

If you bombard people who have only engaged with content in 1 and 2 above, you’re likely going to waste a lot of time from sales reps chasing leads that are simply not ready, while conversion rates plummet and sales cycles extend.

Instead, focus Sales on categories 4 and 5 above and there will be far more alignment and efficiency.

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