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Filling the Gaps in Marketing Degrees


There is a complete mismatch between what is taught in school about Marketing and growing companies versus what businesses actually need help with.

The result is a marketplace where candidates are underprepared to succeed and companies are unable to find enough talent.


Solutions for candidates:

  1. Self-study Marketing: books / podcasts / videos etc.
  2. Try to work for a company that prioritizes Marketing as a core growth driver: they will be far more inclined to invest in your growth.
  3. Take on a side project that helps you develop real-world marketing skills: E.g. start an e-commerce store and try selling products or start an Instagram / TikTok / YouTube channel and try to grow an audience.


Solutions for companies:

  1. Build an internal school to train employees into the Marketing talent you are looking for
  2. Invest in and buy resources for your team members, get them access to cutting edge knowledge in the space
  3. Invest in bringing on great Marketing leaders who can be mentors / educators to the rest of the organization.

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