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Marketing Maturity Stages


Unsurprisingly, Marketing's contribution to revenue is pipeline is directly correlated with the level of investment a company is willing to make into it.

Most B2B companies:

  1. Are Sales-Led -- where Sales is the main revenue driver and Marketing plays a supporting role.


  1. Have Nascent Marketing -- where Marketing is barely off the ground, there are 2-3 team members, and marketing investment is less than $500K per year.


  1. Have Some Marketing -- where Marketing's contribution to pipeline ranges somewhere between the 10-20% mark, with 4-5 team members and still limited spend.

When you look up and around at the market leaders in every category, market, vertical or segment, however, you notice that most market leaders have a significantly higher contribution from marketing efforts (closer to the 30-70% range).

And shocker...they also have larger Marketing budgets with larger teams.

You can't have one without the other.

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