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The Marketing Pyramid for Scaling Revenue


Revenue growth is the ultimate objective for Marketing. But in order to make that possible, there are several elements that need to come together:


  1. Foundational

-Understand your market, customers and competitors

-Build the right story, positioning and message

-Analyze historical context and performance of the business


  1. Infrastructure

-Create the right data ops model for marketing and sales

-Have the right tech stack in place

-Build a website that converts

-Have a Sales process leads successfully convert through


  1. Planning

-Build the right Marketing strategy and mix of channels

-Hire and onboard a competent team capable of executing

-Secure the right amount of Marketing budget


  1. Programs

-Create compelling content that resonates with your audience

-Launch demand gen programs to scale outreach


The ultimate goal of all this is to drive revenue growth.

Given how many components are involved, you need leaders who have the patience to build all the building blocks and not just rush to lead gen campaigns.

Time is critical to building a marketing engine that drives revenue growth.

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