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Marketing Budget Needed

There's a far too prevalent paradox of expectations in some companies when sales projections are made by boards and executive teams: Ambitious sales targets are set but the marketing budget stays the same.

How is this a realistic expectation?

On the one hand, we want to close more deals. We also know that to close more deals, we need more good fit customers to walk in the door.

On the other hand, we are not willing to invest the time, effort and resources required to have those people walk in the door.

This is how some companies put marketing in a position to fail. It is also how some companies strand salespeople with quotas that can never be hit.

What marketing can do better here is to explain how it's budget is currently performing and then bring that data to the board level and explain why more budget is needed BEFORE those ambitious sales targets are set.

The marketers who can't do this are left feeling like second-class citizens constantly fighting an uphill battle internally.

MQLs aren't free. It's time everyone (including marketers) understood that.


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