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Operational Framework

Your growth engine is only as good as the operational framework of your business. Key components:

  1. Objectives
    - What is the overall strategic direction of the business?
    - What are the financial / revenue targets you are working towards?
  2. People
    - Who are the right people for the business to get to where it wants to go?
    - What's the right organizational structure to achieve objectives?
  3. Process
    - What are the repeatable systems and frameworks that need to be in place to    execute on the strategy?
    - Who will do what?
  4. Metrics
    - How will you measure performance of key initiatives and activities?
    - What's working and what's not working?
  5. Accountability
    - What needs to be adjusted in terms of objectives, people, process and                metrics to deliver going forward?
    - What feedback loop needs to inform future objectives?

The ongoing culture of deploying this operational framework is how teams continue to deliver and scale past ambitious expectations.

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