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Parallel Organization

When you realize marketing needs to be revenue-accountable, you realize marketing needs to be involved at every stage of the sales process not just till the hand-off.

Hand-offs are where Go-To-Market strategies break down and why marketing organizations can hide behind MQLs or Leads as their core accountability when they are really accountable to revenue.

Did scanning 500 badges at that conference really matter? Ask a marketer in a hand-off environment and their answer is very different than a marketer who is revenue accountable.

We want revenue accountability for marketing. That's the only way we can scale marketing's impact.

Oh, by the way, buyers want marketing more involved too. They want more content at every stage of their journey and less interactions with sales people.

Listen to your buyers.


To learn more about how to hire marketing leaders that suit the new parallel organization structure, read our full article: How to Hire Marketing Leaders for PE-Backed Companies

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