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People > Process > Tools

Another expensive software is not the answer to your marketing problems...

In the ever-growing Martech landscape, so many providers have blitzed the marketplace with content about how today's marketers need "their" tool to do marketing right.

As a result, so many marketers get caught up in implementing a new platform or overhauling an older one because they think that's how they can ramp up marketing faster.

This is a huge mistake.

All great marketing functions begin with having the right people in the right seats. Then they build the right processes.

Only then does the tool have any validity.

Give a good marketer a marketing stack of Mailchimp, Wordpress and Google Analytics and they can crush it.

Give a not so good marketer DemandBase, Pardot, Engagio, Terminus and even then you may not get very far. But you'd have spent a fortune in annual marketing stack subscriptions.

Do the first thing first.

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