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Product Led Growth vs. Marketing

The more your company is focused on Product-Led Growth, the more your company likely depends on Marketing to drive revenue. This is why in companies that are Product-Led, you see the emergence of growth teams and user onboarding teams where marketing is heavily involved.

Conversely, in a Sales-Led Growth organization, Marketing is just a supporting cast member and responsible for things like Sales Enablement, Events, Comms, Product Marketing etc.

I've seen too many marketers try to convert a sales-led organization into a product-led one to get marketing a bigger seat at the table. The only times that happens is when the CEO buys into it.

If you're a marketer, you want to work in the former organization, not the latter. That's where you'll get the most funding and support for your programs and ideas because you'll be a core pillar of the business.

You'll also end up being a bigger reason why the company grows.

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