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Raw Marketing Skills

Too many companies pass up on high-potential marketing candidates due to a lack of experience. Over-indexing on experience can lead to a lot of expensive hiring mistakes to be made.

There’s just not enough marketing talent out there to supply the demand / need from companies looking to hire for those roles.

Instead, focusing on raw skillsets and committing to levelling up those individuals so that they can eventually fill the shoes of a bigger role can lead to enormous success.

Raw skills to look for:

  1. Communication: Written, verbal, presentation skills, ability to manage expectations.
  2. Creativity: Thinking outside the box, being able to bring personality.
  3. Data-driven: Inclination to look at metrics and performance as positive feedback loops.
  4. Speed: High rate of quality output and an ability to pick things up about the industry / technical skills

This applies whether you’re a startup looking to attract a talented Director of Marketing or if you’re a well-established company looking for a Marketing Manager.

Think of your company like a sports franchise drafting young players.

Hire for potential. Then invest in the talent to reach its potential. That’s how everybody wins.

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