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Scaling Content to Infinite Distribution

Here's how to scale content to infinite distribution:

1) Create an anchor piece of content
2) Tailor it by persona, vertical, industry etc. that you want to target
3) Create audiences based on the same personas, verticals and industries
4) Run paid social campaigns to those audiences on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Paid social gives you something Google Ads never can: unlimited distribution with customized content for the long tail because it's not based on how many people are searching for something.

Even better: the creative is a barrier to entry because it takes investment to create so many variations that most companies just aren't willing to invest.

You can actually have hundreds of pieces of the same content being run to different audiences at the same time based on other factors such as geography and language.

Paid social is not just for retargeting and lookalike audiences and it is one of the most overlooked opportunities inside most B2B companies.

The scale is there, you just have to build the muscle to capture the value.

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