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Servant Content

Too much content out there is self-serving. How do you tell if content is self-serving? Here are some tells.

1) It focuses on "look at me" as the main message.

2) It is not truly helpful at solving an audience's pain.

3) It is rooted in ego and uses cliche words like "groundbreaking", "cutting-edge", "seamless", "robust" etc. as a way to highlight how wonderful the person / company putting out the content is.

Servant content by contrast is all about the audience. It:

-Shows a deep understanding for a problem a person / group of people is facing
-Helps them solve a real challenge / pain they are facing
-Gives them as much information as possible to empower them to make the right decision for them.

Servant content is hard to come by because writing self-serving content is a LOT easier. Servant content means taking a lot of time, effort and empathy to produce.

Create more servant content.

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