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Stacking Growth

It's not one thing. It's several things.

While the most popular stories around startups involve founders having the "big idea" that finally moved the needle for a business, this is usually not the case.

It's usually multiple, smaller building blocks that stack on top of each other and compound growth together.

So, you need to:

1) Drive awareness with content, paid media, social

2) Nurture customers as they enter your funnel with education, sales enablement, resources

3) Engage customers with an efficient and effective sales process

4) Empower customers to get to value faster, with better onboarding experiences

5) Enable customers to get more value from your platform as time goes on, including bringing on additional people from their teams / orgs onto the platform

6) Expand customers as they increase their usage on the platform with more effective pricing

7) Find additional products and services to offer more value to your customers

and much more.

You need to do it all. It's not one thing. It's several things.

This is why it takes time to build an enterprise.

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