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Tech Stack vs. CMO Tenure

There is an inherent mismatch between implementing new technology into your Marketing stack and how much time you have as a Marketing leader.

While the latest ABM or Attribution or Content (etc.) platform may sound like a phenomenal idea, it is more than likely setting up Marketing leaders everywhere to fail in the long run.

Reason? Tech stack implementations take a lot of time, effort and energy to sort through. Meanwhile, sales targets still need to be hit and not enough pipeline is being generated.

These Marketing leaders find themselves in board meetings a couple of quarters in a row talking about the new programs they are "going to launch" once the platform is live.

Over time, this erodes trust with CEOs and Boards until eventually a change is made.

Instead, Marketing would be much better served focusing on executing plays that generate pipeline and revenue as a starting point to build enough political capital that buys them time to implement a new technology in the first place.

Not only that, but executing often teaches a lot more about your requirements from technology, including whether or not you need it.

This is something Martech vendors will never tell you:

- You can run good enough ABM without Terminus / 6sense.

- You can run good enough attribution without Snowflake or Tableau or a data warehouse project.

- You can run good enough paid media without Acquisio, Wordstream or AdRoll.

Focus on the execution and you'll go a lot farther.

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