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The Budget to Revenue Disconnect You Should Be Aware of

At some point, budgets agreed upon with finance teams must show ROI in the form of revenue.

While playing the patient game with marketing and understanding that not everything can be measured is important, so are results.

If Finance doesn’t ask you why revenue hasn’t gone up, then finance isn’t doing its job. If the CEO doesn’t put Marketing, Sales and Finance in the same room and ask the question, then the CEO isn’t doing his/her job.

While the right channels not getting attribution because of how customers behave is very true, hiding behind brand / comms work is equivalent to hiding behind attribution metrics.

Your overall revenue metrics should trend upwards as you:

-Invest more in content
-Spend more on paid channels
-Add more headcount
-Bring in more marketing tools
-Hire more agencies

This means Marketing Sourced Pipeline goes up, Sales Cycles decrease, Marketing Sourced Revenue goes up.

If they’re not improving over a long period of time, maybe your brand / content / demand gen work isn’t working after all.

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