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When Buyers Want to Talk to Sales

Buyers would prefer to talk to sales as late in their journey as possible. So what's happening in the time up until they fill out that demo form?

  • They're trying to understand their pain points and what their possible alternatives are
  • They're exploring solutions (yours and your competitors)
  • They're building their requirements for an ideal solution
  • They're reading reviews and customer feedback of your product
  • They're trying to find as much content as possible to help them make their decision

In fact, 79% of buyers are consuming 3+ pieces of content before ever talking to a salesperson.

This is why marketing needs to be focused on creating as much *helpful* content as possible, not just self-serving product marketing content. 

The more content you create to help your buyer on their journey, the more likely you are to get them to a point where they know, like and trust you before they ever talk to a salesperson.

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