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Who Over What

"Those who lead organizations from good to great first get the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and then figure out where to drive the bus. They always think first about 'who' and then about 'what'. Great vision without great people is irrelevant." - Jim Collins, Turning the Flywheel.

There's a reason why the best CEOs obsess about culture and nurturing leaders within an organization.

While the best strategies and tactics can certainly propel companies forward, they don't prepare organizations for uncertainty and chaos.

When you're dealing with uncertainty, having the right people in the right seats is the highest form of strategy.

This is why whether you're a startup of a $100M company, thinking about who is on the journey with you is the most critical question and the question all CEOs and leaders should start with.

Everything else falls into place when the who is sorted out.

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