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Why ICP is More Important Than Search Volume

Too many companies start their GTM planning based on Search Volume instead of their Ideal Customer Profile.

If a term has 10 searches a month, search-driven marketers will ignore the content asset required for that item on the roadmap. This is the classic hammer looking for a nail scenario.

In a Google Search driven world, the approach has some validity. But we don't live in a search driven world.

When you start with ICP, you build content based on what will help your ICP resolve their biggest pain points. Only then do you think about distribution.

In a social-driven world where search volume is not the north star, GTM planning then focuses on finding the right channel / platform where the ICP can be found with the right message.

It may turn out that you end up on search through this approach anyways, but you're far more likely to end up with the right outcome at all times.

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