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Why IT Departments Shouldn't Be Picking Your Marketing Tools

For some reason, IT departments have authority over what marketing tools are chosen inside some companies.

"We think you need to switch from HubSpot to Dynamics because we are getting a bundle on our Teams / Office / Azure package."

Why this makes no sense:

1) Switching Marketing systems because you're getting bundled pricing from a vendor is asking for your Marketing team to fail to meet their pipeline targets.

2) Shows how little authority some Marketing teams have inside their organizations when systems they use every day are being chosen by other departments who have no understanding of the day-to-day reality of the function.

3) Demand generation and growth is the primary objective. Capturing cost efficiencies on bundled pricing is not.

4) Avoid infrastructure / switching system projects at all costs. (If you're on Dynamics, don't switch to HubSpot just because either).

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