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Why It Makes Sense to Solve For One Customer

Focusing all company efforts around resolving the pain points of 1 customer drastically increases the odds of success.

This is why some of the biggest companies are often started by people trying to scratch their own itch (e.g. Basecamp).

An effort like this involves:

1) Product teams clearly defining the person all features and roadmap items need to solve for.

2) Service teams clearly identifying areas to support new and existing customers on their journey.

3) Sales teams clearly mapping out the ideal buying persona and targeting them with focused outreach.

4) Marketing teams clearly outlining the messaging, content and distribution required to reach that ideal persona.

Focusing on one specific person may seem like it has a huge opportunity cost. But the market size of solving a very specific problem for one specific person is almost always a lot larger than you think.

The exercise also opens up adjacencies that were previously invisible.

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