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Sales Reveals Broken Processes


Increased sales volume breaks internal processes.

As you close more deals, your organization has to figure out a way to deal with increased complexity.

This is where questions like the following become increasingly important:

  1. How can we deliver faster?
  2. How can we increase automation across the business?
  3. How many people do we need to scale?
  4. What will our margin be as we scale?
  5. What is the core business we are in?
  6. Which opportunities should we say no to?
  7. What kind of operational framework will help us scale to the next level?
  8. What should our product focus on to help us scale even more?
  9. What are our scaling bottlenecks?
  10. Who do we need in which seats to scale?

These kinds of questions only become relevant and evident as sales volume crosses certain thresholds.

This is one of the most undervalued contributions of sales: As more deals are closed, the organization is given an opportunity to examine key strategic questions that would otherwise remain unaddressed.

As those questions are answered, sales increase even further and the process repeats all over again.


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