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Is Your Expensive SKO Worth It?

Sales-led companies are notorious for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive Sales Kickoffs to start the year.

While SKOs certainly serve a purpose to educate and enable sales reps so they can sell more / better, the messaging inside these events often resorts to old school sales platitudes like:

-"Pound the pavement"
-"You can crush your targets"
-"Keep dialing for dollars"

Meanwhile, the company's Go-To-Market is weak. The overall company narrative and story don't resonate with customers and prospects. There isn't enough content produced to educate prospects along their journey. There aren't enough demand generation programs in place to produce inbound MQLs.

This is how sales reps are set up to fail. They eventually miss quota. Board meetings get uncomfortable. VPs of Sales are replaced.

And then the cycle repeats all over again.

Instead, the odds of success increase significantly if the company actually invested into a Go-To-Market to build momentum to generate pipeline.

Sales Kickoffs also become way more effective because sales reps feel like there is an engine behind them to help them achieve ambitious targets.

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