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Marketing Leaders: Here’s what to expect from a How To SaaS engagement

If your business is considering bringing in an external marketing consultant, it's likely that the in-house marketing leaders will have (and should have!) a lot of questions. These questions might include:

Will the benefits Marketing sees actually warrant the time and expense of the engagement? 

Does the consultant have the relevant experience to understand your business and give valuable insights?

Will they work with your team to make changes, or will they just hand you a list of unrealistic recommendations? 

At How To SaaS, our team is made up of marketing professionals, and almost all of us have been in this position. We've asked these questions, and we've often been frustrated by how vague some consultants are in their answers. 

We want your experience with How To SaaS to be different. To help you get a clearer picture of what working with us means for your marketing department, this article covers what you need to know: 

What a How To SaaS Engagement Can Do for You

How To SaaS works with B2B companies to maximize marketing-driven growth. Depending on your business needs, this may include:

  • Getting full-funnel visibility that ties marketing activities to Closed Won, revenue, and LTV
  • Improving alignment with Sales with clear accountability
  • Securing more budget for Marketing
  • Growing the marketing team to provide the skill sets you need
  • Reallocating spend to channels and campaigns with better ROI
  • Ramping up demand gen
  • Presenting to the board and aligning on expectations


What the Process of Working With How To SaaS Looks Like

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing solution, so we tailor each How To SaaS engagement to suit the business's needs. Based on conversations with the CEO, marketing leaders, and private equity investors, we develop an engagement plan that targets your particular goals. 

Most engagements take place over 3-6 months and have 5 core workstreams:

  • Marketing activities analysis
  • Demand gen analysis
  • Content roadmap
  • Marketing org structure recommendations
  • Marketing budget recommendations

A typical How To SaaS engagement might look something like this:

How It’s Worked for Other Marketing Leaders

We've worked with dozens of B2B companies in a range of verticals. Here's what some of our customers say about their experience of working with How To SaaS:



Annual revenue: $125M+

Industry: Financial reporting

insightsoftware was in a period of hyper-growth and needed a stronger marketing foundation to continue scaling. 

HTS helped insightsoftware grow their marketing team and double inbound lead generation over a 6-month period.

“Because Shiv had the background experience of being in my shoes, knowing exactly how to operate and how to answer to the rest of the C-team and the board, he had credibility from day one in my book.”

“Shiv and I could work side by side to create and rebuild everything and actually be an extra set of hands in it, versus just a high-level consultant.”

Lacey Ford, Former SVP of Marketing




Annual revenue: $200M+

Industry: IT Software

HelpSystems already had a mature marketing function but wanted to see what they could be doing to leverage marketing even further.

HTS worked with HelpSystems to drill down deeper into their data and re-assign marketing spend to more effective channels and campaigns. HelpSystems saw a 213% increase in MQLs and a 17% increase in organic traffic.

“I'm committed to delivering more pipeline for the business, more wins for the business, and How To SaaS has really helped us with that."

“I feel like they read everything and discussed everything we talked about on a previous call. There's no refreshing everyone's memory—they just get right to it.”

Mike Devine, VP of Marketing


Who You’ll Work With at How To SaaS

Throughout your engagement, you'll work closely with our team of growth experts. We've had first-hand experience of working on the marketing team of B2B companies, so we understand the types of challenges and frustrations that you're facing.

Our team will support you with regular calls, timely responses to your questions, and the critical documents and dashboards you need to take your company's marketing to the next level.

Here's who you'll be working with:

Shiv Narayanan, Founder & CEO

  • Former CMO of Wild Apricot, which was acquired by Personify and Rubicon Technology Partners in 2017
  • Has helped PE investors and CEOs generate hundreds of millions of dollars in enterprise value


Donald Cowper, Chief Operating Officer

  • Bestselling author of several business books
  • Marketing professional who has worked with Toronto's top SaaS businesses
  • Co-founded a successful training business

Mitch Fanning, VP of Client Marketing

  • 3x marketing leader with 20+ years of go-to-market experience

  • Has helped fast-growing B2B SaaS companies generate pipeline, closed-won bookings, and enterprise value with marketing and demand generation

Ellen Craig, Client Marketing Manager

  • Expertise in scaling demand gen at SaaS companies, focusing on paid media and conversion rate optimization
  • Managed campaigns for Air Canada and Mazda.


Artie Shlykov, Marketing Manager

  • Specializes in building SEO, SEM, social media, and other digital customer acquisition strategies for product-fit stage startups
  • Consulted with 20+ startups on building their digital acquisition funnels



Tatiana Morand, Content Strategist

  • Managed SEO and content strategy for a rapidly growing SaaS business
  • Expertise in scaling organic blog and website traffic with content


Rina Lvov, Marketing Specialist

  • Supports demand generation and content work streams for client engagements
  • Has worked closely with clients in content development and management

Feel free to get in touch with your sales rep if you have any questions!

If you haven't spoken with a sales rep yet but would like to start the conversation, click here to book a consult


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