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Increasing marketing impact by stopping bad ROI activities

Marketers often complain about a lack of budget, yet the same marketers invest significant portions of their limited resources into things that don't work.

These include:

-Content Syndication

-Overpaying Gartner

-Press Releases

-Buying Lists

Instead, look at how much of your marketing budget is going into these kinds of activities that produce virtually no impact.

Sure, things like Content Syndication raise awareness on broad channels but in most companies the impact to revenue is little (with or even without attribution).


  1. Create a strong point-of-view for your business, prospects, customers and market
  2. Produce phenomenal content to become the go-to resource for your customers and market to learn from.
  3. Increase distribution to your ideal customers through targeted efforts.

Same marketing budget, entirely different impact on revenue, profitability and enterprise value creation.

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