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What Creative Demand Generation Really Means

Companies often mistake Technical Paid Media work for Creative Demand Gen work. Here's the difference.

Technical paid media work focuses on platform knowledge. This includes things like:

-Knowing the technical ins and outs of a platform

-Being able to set up correct structure for campaigns

-Optimizing issues inside platforms

This is what most agencies / partners / internal resources focus on.

While this work has value, it is not the core of where demand is generated.

Creative Demand Gen instead focuses on:

-Audience pain points and frustrations

-Building compelling content and the right offers to attract the right audience

-Growing a community / building an audience following

-Creating a strategic and narrative position in the marketplace to differentiate from the competitors

This is the work that most marketers fail to do in a lot of markets, which presents a blue ocean opportunity for the marketers that choose to focus on it.

This is also the work that creates the most enterprise value for a business.

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