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The Impact of Thought Leadership on Hiring

One of the most understated benefits of thought leadership content is its impact on hiring.

Yes, thought leadership content with a unique perspective can evangelize a new category and ramp up pipeline / sales.

But a secondary (and almost, more important) benefit is that it helps grow the employer brand beyond just winning another "best place to work" or "fastest growing company" award.

The right kind of content signals to potential candidates what kind of world you are trying to build. The more candidates that vision and perspective aligns with, the bigger the hiring pipeline that can be built to help a company scale.

Your educational / thought leadership / category evangelism content not only helps your market and customers transform their lives, it also helps bring people into the mission and team to help the market even more.

In a market where everyone is raising millions of dollars, more companies are hiring than ever before and compensation for roles has climbed 20-50%, thought leadership content is a business priority that is critical to finding scale.

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