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Our Process

Phase 1: Marketing Audit

We conduct extensive due diligence on your current marketing activities, processes and performance.

Phase 2: Analytics Framework

We help you implement system to track marketing performance to understand the ROI on all marketing activities and your CAC from those activities.

Phase 3: Opportunity Analysis

We analyze and uncover your biggest opportuntiies to accelerate demand generation. We find ways to scale current channels and introduce new, untapped channels for growth.

Phase 4: Marketing Roadmap

We give you a 4 quarter roadmap for your marketing activities that your team can begin executing on right away to ramp up demand generation so that you know exactly which projects to prioritize and why.

Phase 5: Team Training

We help your team understand the fundamentals and strategy behind the marketing roadmap. We also train them in demand generation and digital marketing so they can scale activities in the future.

Phase 6: Operational Structure

We help you set the operational structure, including recommendations for the team needed to execute on the roadmap and new positions that need to be hired to deliver. 

Phase 7: Scaling Strategy

Once the Marketing Roadmap is in flight, we analyze opportunities to scale long-term and build a 5-year marketing plan with your executive team and investors.

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