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Need to scale top-line revenue faster?

We help SaaS businesses build high-performance marketing systems that drive growth.

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With ambitious growth targets to hit and pressure from investors to increase enterprise value, many CEOs struggle to find the scale and speed they need.

The pipeline for sales often falls short of what's required to meet targets. 57% of sales reps expect to miss quota and the turnover of sales and marketing leaders is problematically high.

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This is because most B2B companies don’t bridge the gap between sales projections and the marketing activities they need to support those results.

Marketing is the key to sustainable growth.

Expectations for CEOs and PE-backed companies are high. 

To help you hit growth targets, we give you access to the right marketing strategies and expertise.

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With the speed of acquisitions and tight timeframes for ROI, CEOs usually don't have time for trial and error.

Deploy your resources with confidence — we show you options with the highest impact on revenue.

Focusing on short-term tactics jeopardizes long-term growth.

We build the foundational marketing structures and processes your business needs to scale in a sustainable way. 

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Internal teams are focused on execution.

We act as your outsourced CMO, with the bandwidth and external perspective to work on what internal teams often overlook — developing the right strategy.

Many marketing functions aren't maximizing returns on investment.

We audit the current marketing spend to find efficiencies, and calculate the right sized marketing budget to deliver sales pipeline.

Strategic spending

Results our clients have seen


inbound traffic and lead generation


increase closed-won bookings from marketing


decrease cost per opportunity

Our Solution

To scale pipeline, Marketing needs to build 5 critical layers in the right order.

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We help companies work through layers 3 and 4 as quickly as possible to rapidly drive revenue growth.

Periods of Transition

You have:
Just acquired a new company, or been acquired by a PE firm. You need to integrate business units and scale revenue to generate a return on the investment.

You need:
A fractional CMO partner who can build marketing from the ground up and be a part of the leadership team.

Finding Scale 

You have:
Not yet fully leveraged marketing. Perhaps your marketing team is fairly junior, and although your marketing spend is high, impact on revenue is low.

You need:
An experienced marketing partner who can deliver a strategy for accelerated growth.

Marketing Transformation

Bring in CMO expertise to integrate after acquisitions, guide the team and help build an automated demand gen engine.

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Previous outputs have included:

  • Restructured marketing team to support new approach
  • Increased inbound MQLs
  • Decreased cost per opportunity
  • Increased marketing-generated revenue

CMO Consulting 

Get expert help building a high-performance marketing system that drives top-line revenue growth.

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Previous outputs have included:

  • Increased ROI on campaigns
  • Improved marketing data
  • Business case to secure right-sized marketing budget
  • Increased enterprise value

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Companies We've Worked With

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Why CEOs Choose How To SaaS


Bryce Youngren

Mike Lipps

CEO, Intelerad

“What the How To SaaS team has done for us is transform marketing organizations from inconsistent, people-driven organizations into process-driven ones."

Michael Libert

Bill Hayes

CEO, Top of Mind

“How To SaaS turned our Marketing into a force-multiplier for revenue growth.” 

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