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The New Approach That Helped a PE Firm Scale Portfolio Company Growth

Learn about a PE firm's experience of scaling a SaaS company with marketing, from the challenges they were facing to the results they saw.

Marketing learning materials
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Sales Playbook Template

Whether you're training up a new salesforce or just looking to make your sales process more effective, this template will help you build a comprehensive sales playbook. 

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Marketing Learning Materials

Brush up on your marketing skills with this list of recommended courses, guides, and books. 

The list includes suggested resources for:

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Paid search
  • Paid social
  • Landing pages
  • Keyword research
  • Email marketing

And more.

Marketing learning materials
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The New Approach That Helped a CEO Scale Their Company's Growth

Learn about a CEO's experience of scaling a SaaS company with marketing, from the challenges they were facing to the results they saw.

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Marketing Team Onboarding Checklist

Ensure you're covering all the important areas and starting your new hires off on the right foot by using this checklist.

The checklist includes:

  • 75+ tasks with recommended timelines
  • Checklists for new hires and onboarding teams
  • Set deadlines, assign responsibility, and add status updates
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The Ultimate Marketing Integration Checklist

If you're planning to integrate marketing functions after a merger or acquisition, this checklist will help you manage the marketing integration process:

  • Track progress towards your integration goals
  • 135+ integration tasks to complete
  • Assign tasks to ensure accountability
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Marketing Budget Benchmark Report

This benchmark report shows how companies are spending their money on marketing. Plus, our calculators will give you an estimate of how much businesses like yours are spending on marketing.

The report shows:

  • Average budget, broken down by industry and company size
  • How much companies in your situation spend
  • How to calculate your budget
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PQL Tracking Spreadsheet Template

Keep on top of how your demand generation activities are performing by tracking your:

  • Product Qualified Lead conversion rates
  • Website traffic with channel attribution
  • Conversion metrics by sources
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Marketing Leader Job Description Template

Looking to hire a new marketing leader? Use this template to create a compelling job description that will attract the best candidates. The template covers:

  • Key responsibilities
  • Competencies
  • Organization Structure
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Marketing Data Framework Template

Where will your investment dollars get the most ROI? Fill out this template to see how each Marketing channel and campaign is performing by analyzing:

  • Cost per lead
  • MQL to close rate
  • Campaign-level conversion metrics
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Marketing Board Meeting Template

Share this template with Marketing to make sure you get the data you need at every board meeting to make investment decisions with confidence. You'll get data on:

  • All crucial top-level marketing metrics
  • Budget proposals
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Marketing Due Diligence Checklist

This checklist outlines how to evaluate the marketing performance, team, budget and efficiency of a target acquisition. You'll get:

  • A list of 85+ items to ask for during diligence to evaluate the marketing of a target investment
  • Easy tracking for your due diligence progress, and a single source to view all key metrics
  • Marketing scorecard for an instant overview of the growth potential
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Channel and Campaign Performance Report Template

Reveal how your marketing is really performing by tracking your:

  • Cost per Closed-Won deal
  • Channel and campaign ROI
  • Payback period
  • Acceptable cost per lead

And more.

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Demand Generation Opportunity vs Effort Mapping Template

Where does it make sense to invest your marketing dollars? Use this template to build a data-backed case for each demand gen channel. This template prioritizes opportunities based on:

  • ROI
  • Reach
  • Risk
  • Effort

And more.

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Marketing Team Structure Example Deck

Thinking of growing your team? Build a comprehensive presentation that shows where extra marketing firepower is needed, including:

  • Existing team coverage
  • Proposed team structure
  • Proposed investment
  • Sample job descriptions
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Multiproduct Line Content Roadmap Template

Track content progress and prioritize the most valuable projects across product lines with this roadmap template. It includes:

  • Content audit
  • Content roadmap
  • Asset dashboard
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Marketing Budget Proposal Template

Show exactly how changes to the marketing budget will impact the ability to meet growth targets. Fill in your data to show:

  • Existing marketing budget 
  • Budget needed to hit growth targets
  • BAU, minimum investment and dream budget proposals
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Marketing Team Growth Toolkit

From helping dozens of SaaS companies build better marketing teams, we've put together a toolkit of templates that addresses these challenges.

The toolkit includes:

  • Marketing team structure deck
  • Marketing team job description templates
  • Marketing onboarding checklist
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