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Private Equity Value Creation Podcast

Get behind-the-scenes access to the minds shaping the world of Private Equity and hear captivating stories about transactions and investments. Learn about the innovative approaches leading investors, operators, advisors and bankers employ to drive sustainable growth and create enterprise value.

Whether you're looking to enhance your investment acumen, grow your PE-backed business, or simply stay informed about the latest trends in private equity, this podcast is your gateway to 
the intricate art of value creation.

Featuring guests from companies including:


Ep.28: Mark Buffington of BIP Capital

What Makes a Startup Ready for Investment

Learn more

Ep.29: Anna Talerico of Corporate Finance Institute

How to Find the Right Human Capital for Bootstrapped Companies

Learn more

Ep.30: Chip Baird of GreyLion Capital

Optimizing Companies With the LIFT Strategy

Learn more

Ep.25: Dan Cremons of Accelera Partners

Winning the First 100 Days After an Investment

Learn more

Ep.26: Matthew Stevens of Stevens.VC

Helping Early Stage Companies to Professionalize and Add Value

Learn more

Ep.27: Adam Solomon of Thoma Bravo

How to Identify and Scale High-Quality Software Companies

Learn more

Episode 22: Ripan Kadakia of ZMC

How to Be of Service to Your Portfolio Companies

Learn more

Ep.23: Joanna Arras of Baird Capital

How To Succeed in the Current Venture Market

Learn more

Ep.24: Chirag Shah of Wavecrest Growth Partners

How to Increase Enterprise Value with
Organic Growth Levers

Learn more

Ep.19: Narbe Alexandrian of Define Capital

An Essential Guide to the Capital Stack and Choosing Investors

Learn more

Ep.20: Kevin Mosley of Jurassic Capital

How to Use SaaS Benchmarks to Build a Better Business

Learn more

Ep.21: Dirk Sahlmer of

A Long-Term Approach to Profitable SaaS Company Growth

Learn more

Ep.16: Lauren Bonner of MBM Capital

The¬†Value of Steady Growth in a ‚ÄėUnicorn or Bust‚Äô VC Environment

Learn more

Ep.17: Legal, Tax and Accounting Panel

Essential Guide To Preparing for a Successful Founder Exit

Learn more

Ep.18: Highlights From the 2023 Season

Learn more

Ep.13: Krista Morgan of Stage Fund

How Companies Can Rebound By Refocusing on Profitability

Learn more

Ep.14: Andrew Pierno of XO Capital

How to Leverage the Opportunity in Micro SaaS Investments

Learn more

Ep.15: Sunil Grover of True Blue Partners

How to Help Companies Grow With a Corporate Finance Perspective

Learn more

Ep.10: Allen Duan of B Capital Group

5 Pillars of Value Creation for Minority Investors

Learn more

Ep.11: Cody Lee of Summit Partners

What You Need to Know About Marketing in Portcos

Learn more

Ep.12: Justin Johnson of Camber Partners

Maximizing Returns of PLG Software Investments

Learn more

Ep.7: Vinny Prajka of JMI Equity

How to Use ICPs and Segmentation as a Foundation for Scale

Learn more

Ep.8: George Rossolatos of CBGF

How to Build Sustainable Growth with a Long Term Investment Approach

Learn more

Ep.9: Matt Gallagher of Hg Capital

How to Increase Sales Efficiency with Data and Strategy

Learn more

Ep.4: Zane Tarence of Founders Advisors

What Makes a Business Investment-Grade  

Learn more

Ep.5: Mariza Warshawsky of Assembly Group

How to Hire the Right Team To Grow Your Portfolio Companies

Learn more

Ep.6: AJ Gandhi of Marlin Equity Partners

6 Needle Movers for Organic Growth

Learn more

Ep.1: Daniel Pianko of Achieve Partners

How to Stand Out in the War for Capital with Talent Development


Learn more

Ep.2: Bryce Youngren of Polaris Growth Fund 

How to Deliver Big Returns on Small Companies with a Founder-Friendly Approach

Learn more

Ep.3: Mike Devine of Fortra

How Marketing Needs to Evolve for a High-Growth Company  

Learn more

Hosted by

Shiv Narayanan

Shiv is the Founder and CEO of How To SaaS. As an advisor, consultant, and fractional CMO, Shiv has helped Private Equity investors and CEOs generate hundreds of millions of dollars in enterprise value with marketing and demand gen.

Prior to How To SaaS, Shiv was the CMO of Wild Apricot, which was acquired by Personify and Rubicon Technology Partners in October 2017 and eventually flipped to Pamlico Capital in August 2018.

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