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Your Revenue Problem

is a Marketing Problem

We see it time and time again. A company is struggling with pipeline so they pull out all the stops to boost the sales team’s performance – they hire more sales reps, switch out their VP of Sales, bring in sales training experts, overhaul their CRM.

All the while, Marketing remains on the bench – underleveraged and under-resourced.

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We believe marketing can and should be a major growth lever for every SaaS business


in revenue supported


SaaS products served


acquisitions influenced

And we’re here to help make that happen.

The right approach

to build Marketing into a sophisticated revenue-growth engine.

To scale marketing

you need to first build maturity and sophistication.

Delaying this work costs your company

Figures based on companies in our network. Range depends on factors including ACV and sales cycle length.

The How To SaaS team was critical in helping us build the framework to scale our demand generation efforts and deliver on our board's expectations. We are ready to scale for future growth and I would highly recommend working with them.
- Lacey Ford, SVP Marketing at insightsoftware

Here's how we approach marketing differently

We make marketing accountable to revenue

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Foster a collaborative approach to revenue generation where marketing supports the entire buyer journey, not just up to MQL

We bring C-level marketing expertise to the table

Get C-level insights on marketing performance at the board level, navigate organizational challenges, and leverage data-driven audits to identify opportunities for scaling demand.

We help you deploy budget in the right place, in the right order

Build a strategic marketing foundation, campaigns, and content in the right sequence, ensuring efficient budget allocation based on their unique go-to-market strategy

We’re scientific about marketing

Connect marketing efforts to closed-won deals, using data to optimize budget allocation. We analyze CAC, LTV, conversion rates by channel and funnel stage, and cost per lead & opportunity to create data-driven marketing forecasts and budgets

How To SaaS is one of the best partners I’ve worked with. The team was extremely pragmatic and focused on the highest value areas. Our team is much better positioned now to further grow marketing contribution to pipeline and generate more winnable SQLs.
- Mike Devine, CMO at Fortra

Here’s when to bring us in… 

Vs. an agency
Vs. your in house team
  • When you need C-level experts who can connect marketing strategy back to overall business objectives and communicate performance at the board level 
  • When you need a holistic approach that looks at every aspect of your marketing function from team and budget to reporting and channel performance – not just one piece of the puzzle
  • When you need SaaS experts who understand the nuances of different SaaS go-to-market motions, from product-led to enterprise
  • When you don’t have time to waste and want a comprehensive marketing audit, strategy, and actionable roadmap in your hands in less than 4 months – opposed to waiting for your internal team to have the bandwidth
  • When you need an objective perspective to get to the truth about what is and isn’t working in your marketing function
  •  When you need clarity and help prioritizing the biggest impact drivers and opportunities, amidst competing internal priorities and politics

Some of our clients


We only need execution, do you offer that?

We offer execution as an add-on to our core engagement, but we don’t offer it as a stand-alone solution. 

This is because we’ve seen that jumping into execution without foundational work is a huge risk. Without a strategy based on data, most companies make false starts and end up spending time and money on ineffective projects.

I’m not sure we have the team in place to execute on a project like this. Should I wait?

We can support any team where there’s at least one marketer we can work with.

If you want to staff-up before you start on strategy work, you’ll be delaying results by at least 6 months while you hire and onboard, with no guarantee your new hires are the right fit. 

Instead, we can help you hire the team you need at the same time as working on strategy, so you can hit the ground running in as little as 4 months. 

What if we have a low-performing marketing leader who may need replacing?

We can discreetly assess your marketing leader/team as part of the engagement. You’ll get confirmation of whether they are the right person for the role or if they need support in certain areas to succeed. 

Previous partners have found that their marketing team members have leveled up during the engagement, increasing team capabilities and staff retention.

What kind of ROI can we expect?

While we don’t guarantee a dollar amount you’ll get in return, most companies we have worked with have seen huge improvements in their revenue as a result of our work. 4 key ways you’ll see ROI:

  • Ramping up marketing-generated revenue
  • Using marketing budget more efficiently
  • Speeding up your marketing maturity and ability to scale faster
  • Developing new channels and uncovering new pipeline-generating opportunities

What’s the right time to begin work with How to SaaS?

While there is never a “perfect moment” for an engagement, we find that this type of work is particularly urgent in the following situations:

  • Recent acquisition of a new company
  • No marketing leader 
  • Sales-led organization with little/no contribution to pipeline
  • Platform company scaling M&A 
  • Company preparing to raise capital or exit

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