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Exit-Ready Marketing

The 9-step Framework to Maximize Your Valuation

Exit-Ready Marketing gets you in the head of the PE playbook for GTM that investors use to get more value from your company after you sell. Read this book now and get that value for yourself.”

Kevin Mosley

General Partner at Jurassic Capital

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“Marketing ROI has been a black box for too many for too long, Shiv Narayanan demystifies the subject.”

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“An essential guide for founders to skyrocket their valuation.”

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“I’ve witnessed Shiv’s framework deliver more predictable revenue, higher pipeline coverage, better conversion rates, lower customer acquisition costs and higher net retention rates. These outcomes mean substantial value for a business at exit.”

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“I want every founder to get every penny they can when they exit. You do that by reading and implementing what’s inside this book. Shiv has laid everything out in a step-by-step process to help you understand how PE investors buy and sell companies, and he tells you exactly what they’re looking for in simple mathematical terms and easy-to-use frameworks.”

What you'll learn in Exit-Ready Marketing

  1. The critical elements investors look for in the companies they acquire.
  2. What marketing sophistication looks like and the principles of achieving it in your business.
  3. How to scorecard your company’s marketing potential.
  4. How to focus your marketing efforts with TAM and segmentation.
  5. How to develop your strategic narrative with product marketing
  6. How to equip your team to close deals with the right sales enablement.
  7. How to allocate resources with a Go-To-Market that suits your product and objectives.
  8. How to use data to build a demand generation engine.
  9. How to build a prioritized content roadmap that supports high-level business objectives.
  10. How to maximize the impact of existing relationships with customer marketing.
  11. How to track performance with the right revenue operations infrastructure.
  12. How to secure more investment for marketing with team and budget planning.
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About Shiv Narayanan

Shiv Narayanan is the Founder and CEO of How To SaaS, a management consulting firm that works with leading private equity investors, founders, CEOs, and revenue leaders. As an advisor, consultant, and fractional CMO, Shiv has helped B2B companies create hundreds of millions of dollars in enterprise value with marketing and demand generation.

Shiv is also the bestselling author of Post-Acquisition Marketing and the host of the Private Equity Value Creation Podcast. Previously, Shiv was the CMO of Wild Apricot, which was acquired by Rubicon Technology Partners in 2017 and flipped to Pamlico Capital in 2018.

Praise for Exit-Ready Marketing

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"The best companies run their Go To Market like a Revenue Factory. Shiv's frameworks offer founders and executives a data- and process-driven approach to revenue growth that not only enhances valuation but also ensures sustainable and durable growth."

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Everything you need to professionalize your marketing and prepare for an eventual exit. A must-read for all founders.”

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"Few CEOs, CFOs and Investors truly understand the marketing function nor how to evaluate it. In his new book, Shiv Narayanan provides a structured framework on the 9 key elements that are critical to get right and then provides criteria on how to evaluate them as well as an end-to-end case study to bring it all to life."

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“As a growth equity investor, the concepts Shiv speaks to in this book – ICP, demand gen, pipeline conversion, sales enablement and revenue operations… these are exactly the stuff we spend time on with our portfolio companies.

Predictability in your sales pipeline is everything – it gives you the ability to see ahead and allows you to thoughtfully plan and invest in your business. It can exponentially charge the growth trajectory of a business and therefore its valuation.

This book should be required reading for all bootstrapped tech founders, especially those who haven’t grown up in sales & marketing.”

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