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Repositioning & Rebranding

Preserve your marketing pipeline throughout a major rebrand.

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Need to rebrand but concerned about the impact of revenue?

Many companies see these challenges during periods of brand change:

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Drop in pipeline and revenue

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Customer churn

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High cost with low payback

Get expert support through periods of marketing transition

We work with leading SaaS companies through the process of rebranding

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Our value creation approach

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Outcomes you can expect

Get clarity on pipeline

Improve visibility into marketing-generated opportunities and ROI during and after rebranding.

  • Connect dollars spent through to dollars generated with full-funnel tracking and reporting.
  • Analyze historical conversion rates and CAC to show impact on pipeline and spend.
  • Set data-backed benchmarks and KPIs that connect marketing programs to high-level business results.
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Refocus go-to-market

Engage your target audience with a unified go-to-market tailored to your new brand.

  • Roadmap updates needed in messaging and product marketing.
  • Update and optimize website to convert the right types of leads.
  • Develop strategy for content to support new customer journey.

Scale sustainably

Accelerate revenue growth with the right marketing strategy and team.

  • Find efficiencies in underperforming demand gen campaigns.
  • Generate roadmaps to leverage new demand gen opportunities.
  • Identify gaps in the marketing team and hire for the skillsets needed to support growth.
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Expert marketing support to minimize revenue disruption through rebrands

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How we've supported other companies

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“How To SaaS is one of the best partners I’ve worked with. Our team is much better positioned now to further grow marketing contribution to pipeline and generation more winnable SQLs."

Mike Devine, CMO of Fortra

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IT Services

  • 200% increase in Closed Won Bookings from Marketing.
  • Scaled marketing budget by $1M.
  • 45% decrease in cost per opportunity.
  • 17% increase in organic traffic.
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What you get

Each of our clients receives a custom marketing audit and strategy, unique to their specific needs, challenges, and go-to-market. Here’s a sample of the outputs your engagement could include.

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Demand gen

Audit of existing demand gen activities and development of strategy tailored to new go-to-market.

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Budget & forecasting

Forecast impact of rebrand on MQLs and pipeline, and calculate marketing budget needed to support revenue generation.

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Data & reporting

Analysis of channel and campaign performance and calculation of CAC, baseline conversion rates, and ROI on marketing spend.

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Audit current marketing content and develop roadmap of assets needed to support customer journey, including product marketing and sales enablement.

Let’s discuss how we can support your company through periods of transformation

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