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C-level marketing expertise to drive top-line revenue growth & enterprise value

Marketing is often an untapped growth lever within SaaS companies. We help you leverage the full potential of marketing and shift it from a cost center into a revenue-accountable function that drives predictable pipeline.

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Some of our clients

Trusted by leading SaaS companies and Private Equity investors.

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Who we work with

We work with SaaS businesses across a variety of industries, sizes, and funding styles including PE-backed, VC-funded, and bootstrapped. Typically we’re brought in by one of the below stakeholders.

PE Investor

PE Investors

Increase the return on your portfolio company by tapping into marketing as a major growth lever. 

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Get visibility into your marketing function to uncover opportunities to scale ARR and reduce CAC.

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Align your resources around the right GTM strategy, to turn your department into a major pipeline generator. 

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Common scenarios we help with

Though every business has its unique challenges, our clients typically bring us in to help navigate one of these common business scenarios.

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Recent Acquisition

Build the right marketing action plan in the first 100 days post acquisition.

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Gap in Leadership

Accelerate demand with the right marketing strategy and roadmap for execution.

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Add-on Acquisitions

Quickly integrate marketing operations of new acquisitions into your platform company.

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Strategic Planning

Determine the marketing budget required to hit targets and identify areas to cut spend.

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Due Diligence

Get concise insights into a company’s growth performance and future potential.

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Prep for Sale

Optimize your resources to maximize pipeline growth while minimizing costs.

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Reposition & Rebrand

Get a ready-to-execute roadmap to guide your team through periods of marketing transition and maintain revenue pipeline.

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New Product Launch

Maximize impact with the right product marketing, website updates, and demand generation campagins.

“How To SaaS is one of the best partners I’ve worked with. Our team is much better positioned now to further grow marketing contribution to pipeline and generation more winnable SQLs."

Mike Devine
CMO, Fortra

What you get

Each of our clients receives a custom marketing audit and strategy, unique to their specific needs, challenges, and go-to-market. Here’s a sample of the outputs your engagement could include. 

Data and reporting

Marketing spend ROI analysis
An analysis of historic marketing spend and pipeline generation from marketing channels and campaigns.

Target cost per MQL, SQL and CAC
Established baseline conversion rates and the ideal cost per lead, opportunity, and customer.

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Budget and forecasting

Forecasting model
A forecast data model of MQLs needed to support sales projections.

Recommended budget and allocation
A recommended marketing budget required to hit MQL targets, along with the channels, programs, and resources the budget should be allocated to.


Content audit 
An audit of your existing content inventory aimed at identifying gaps where content could be better supporting the buyer’s journey.

Content roadmap
A roadmap of priority content needed to support all aspects of the go-to-market strategy including demand generation, SEO, and sales enablement.

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Website scorecard
An analysis and grading of your website that includes messaging and positioning, experience and navigation, SEO, and conversion optimization.


SEO audit 
A full audit of current ranking keywords, top traffic pages, competitor SEO performance, and areas for optimization.

Keyword research and recommendations
A targeted list of high-intent keywords mapped to each stage of the funnel, along with an action plan for how to rank for each.

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Demand generation

Demand generation audit
An analysis of current demand gen activities including campaign and channel performance, historic ROI, and gaps in campaigns across the funnel.

Demand generation roadmap
A demand generation strategy that includes quick wins, recommended budget, areas to scale and improve existing ads, and opportunities to test new ads and platforms.

Product Marketing

Key messaging
A concise overview of key brand and product messaging including benefits, differentiators, positioning, and key use cases.

ICP summary
A summary of key information related to your ideal customer profile including company size, persona motives and challenges, and relevant use cases.

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Account segmentation
A recommended approach for segmenting your customer base for the purposes of account based marketing.

ABM strategy 
A complete strategy for targeting your list of selected accounts including recommended content, outbound plays, paid media, direct mail, and gifting.

Team and Resources

Team scorecard
An audit of the current marketing team’s strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in talent.

New marketing org chart
A new marketing structure aligned to the recommended go-to-market strategy, including the addition of new roles and 3rd party resources and/or the elimination of existing roles.

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Building your marketing strategy

We take you through a three-stage process designed to get to the root of your marketing challenges and the best ways to solve them.

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Attain a better understanding of what works and what doesn't.

We conduct a full marketing audit for your SaaS business – analyzing everything from channels and programs to reporting and budget allocation. We leave no stone unturned in order to get a full picture of your marketing performance. 

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Pinpoint the marketing items that will have the biggest impact. 

We help identify areas to improve current marketing efforts, new opportunities to test, and where you can cut spend entirely. You won’t get a laundry list of everything you ‘could’ do; we laser in on the items that will have the biggest impact on pipeline.

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Turn strategy into reality with an actionable GTM roadmap. 

We translate marketing ideas and opportunities into an actionable marketing plan built for long-term transformation and predictable growth. We outline the clear order of operations to execute the go-to-market strategy we recommend for your unique business.

“I would highly recommend How to SaaS for their knowledge, professionalism and competitive approach to ARR pipeline development.”

David Nokes,
CEO, Emergency Reporting

Learn how we can help your business scale with marketing optimization 

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