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Drive top-line revenue growth & enterprise value

We help SaaS companies build high performance marketing systems.

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Companies we've helped

We work with leading SaaS companies and Private Equity investors.

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Success Stories

We've helped scale marketing for companies of all sizes, from $5M in ARR to upwards of $300M.

InsightSoftware ($100M+ Revenue)

  • Increased Inbound Closed Won bookings by 111%
  • Made business case to scale digital demand gen profitably from $2M to $3M annually
  • Helped hire VP of Demand Gen and Director of Marketing Operations
Insight software website
Lacey ford

Lacey Ford

SVP Marketing, InsightSoftware

“The How To SaaS team was critical to helping us build the framework to help us scale our demand generation efforts to deliver on our board's expectations. We are ready to scale for future growth and I would highly recommend working with them."

Emergency Reporting ($12M+ Revenue)

  • 300% increase in MQLs generated from digital channels
  • Made business case to scale the marketing budget by $500K
  • Helped hire agencies for Paid Media and SEO
Emergency reporting website
David nokes

David Nokes

CEO, Emergency Reporting

“One of the first decisions I made after our recent capitalization was to explore our lead generation model. I was provided contact information for How to SaaS and was immediately impressed with the proven track record of the team. We spent the first 3 months designing a more aggressive go to market strategy, and began implementation shortly thereafter. The results have been better than I anticipated, and I would highly recommend How to SaaS for their knowledge, professionalism and competitive approach to ARR pipeline development.”

Fortra ($200M+ Revenue)

  • 200% increase in Closed Won Bookings from Marketing
  • Scaled marketing budget by $1M
  • Dedicated engagements across multiple product lines
Helpsystems website
Mike devine

Mike Devine

CMO, Fortra

How To SaaS is one of the best partners I’ve worked with. Unlike many firms who love to boil the ocean from market to message to media, the team was extremely pragmatic and focused on the highest value areas. Our team is much better positioned now to further grow marketing contribution to pipeline and generation more winnable SQLs."

Why marketing is the next big growth lever for SaaS companies and Private Equity investors

Most companies are under-leveraging the marketing potential of their business, while their sales teams are bloated and missing quota. With the right funding and strategy, marketing can help companies create far more enterprise value.

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Marketing budgets are stagnant

Marketing gets 11% of the budget of B2B companies and this number has not increased in the last 5 years.

Marketing budgets

Meanwhile, 57% of sales reps will miss quota

This number is increasing every year. Sales reps are constantly onboarded and set up to fail.

Sales missing quota

Unsurprisingly, VP of Sales tenure is declining

In the last decade, VPs of Sales have seen their tenure decline below 2 years

VP of sales tenure

The Disconnect: Sales needs more Marketing

Companies do not know how much marketing support is required to hit their ambitious revenue growth projections.

Sales - marketing disconnect

In most companies, Marketing is traditional and ineffective

Most B2B companies look at marketing as a supporting cast member, not a revenue driver.

Marketing pie chart

CEOs are prioritizing Marketing and Demand Generation

CEOs rate marketing and demand gen as critical to solve. However, their confidence in their ability to solve them is low.

Challenges vs confidence vs urgency

Investors are also prioritizing digital, including Go-To-Market

Investors are taking a multi-pronged approach towards capturing the digital value inside their portfolio.

Investor priorities

Buyers want marketing more involved

They're getting just as much information from marketing as they are from sales at every stage of the buyer journey.

Buyer information from marketing

Marketing and Sales need to Go-To-Market together

Marketing needs to become revenue accountable inside B2B organizations, just like Sales.

Old vs new sales and marketing

Our Solution

How To SaaS works with Founders, CEOs and Investors who are looking to capture the marketing potential of their SaaS company.

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Who we work with

We work with Private Equity Firms, CEOs and Marketing Leaders to build a scientific approach to scale demand generation.

HTS clients

Our Process

We take our clients through a 5-stream engagement with the goal of building a predictable marketing engine.

HTS process

Ideal Customer Profile

We work with high velocity SaaS companies, doing at least $5M in revenue, with a large TAM and an ACV below $100K.

Ideal customer profile


Bill Hayes

Bill Hayes

CEO, Top of Mind Networks

"The How To SaaS team was transformative to our marketing organization. Thanks to their help, our Go-To-Market is on the right path to scale."

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Bryce Youngren

Managing Partner, Polaris

The How To SaaS team is my first call when my investments need help with digital marketing."

Michael Libert

Michael Libert

SVP, TA Associates

We pull the How To SaaS team into our portfolio companies where demand gen is core to our investment thesis.

Mike Lipps

Mike Lipps

CEO, Intelerad

"What the How to SaaS team has done for us is transform marketing organizations from individual, inconsistent, people-driven organizations into process-driven ones."

Ryan Anderson

Barry Oursler

COO, Aesto Health

"Super-high value, and very strategic. Each person we encountered on the team was outstanding in their knowledge and professionalism."

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